15 Documents Kenya Power Employees Must Submit For Fresh Lifestyle Audit

Kenya Power
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Kenya Power has announced a fresh lifestyle audit for its over 7,000 employees, even as it looks to weed out rogue employees who have been stealing from the company.

In a notice to staff members, the sole power distributor in the country gave the employees up to Monday, November 22, 2021 to submit at least 15 documents for vetting

“All staff members are hereby notified and urgently required to provide the information listed in sealed envelopes addressed to ‘Head of KPLC Vetting Team’. The envelope shall also indicate the name and staff number of the employee, to be received at the 6th floor boardroom, Stima Plaza, by close of business, Monday, 22nd November 2021,” said General Manager, HR and Administration, Cecilia Kalungu-Uvy in a memo dated November 18, 2021.

“The staff members based in the regions, shall submit the information to their respective regional human resource office, on or before the date indicated above. Staff members are assured that the provided information will be treated with utmost confidentiality, and in due regard to everyone’s constitutional right.”

Below are details required by the HR to facilitate the staff members’ vetting:

1.             Employment particulars of the officer (Full Names, Identity Card Number, Passport Number; Pin Number: Driving License Number; Mobile Telephone number; Daytime Telephone Number: Email).

2.             Residential address(es) of the officer and spouse(s) for the last 5 years; ownership status of current residence.

3.             Power/water meter numbers; any other utility account numbers.

4.             Current posting of officer: Employment; Job Group/Grade: list of previous deployments and number of years served per deployment; history of disciplinary cases; promotions received.

5.             Full Names and Identity Card numbers of immediate family members (spouse, children, dependents, parents, siblings, business associates; agents; or associations where the officer has a direct and indirect pecuniary (financial) or non-pecuniary (financial) interest.

6.             List of known companies and businesses owned or controlled by the officer or immediate family members that have had commercial dealings with KPLC.

7.             List of moveable and immovable assets owned/partly owned by the officer or the immediate family members, business associates or agents including data on acreage, location, and status (e.g. whether charged to financial institutions, joint ownership, allotment etc.) including dates of acquisition.

8.             Machinery, vehicles, and other assets where the officer has a beneficial interest.

9.             Stocks, shares and partnerships including investment groups of which the officer and spouse are members.

10.          Certified copies of bank statements of the officer and spouse for the last 6 months including any foreign accounts.

11.          Certified copies of mobile money statements of the officer and spouse for the last 6 months.

12.          Kenya Revenue Authority Income Tax Returns for the officer and the officer’s companies/businesses for the last 3 years.

13.          Club Membership(s).

14.          Social media accounts/handles (Facebook, Twitter, lnstagram).

15.          List of liabilities (Including loans, mortgages, chattels, guarantees, school fees and school accounts; cumulative insurance policies; holidays).

“Please note that the above list is not conclusive and that you may be required to present additional information, as may be deemed necessary,” HR boss Kalungu-Uvyu said.

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