Brain Transplant For Apple As It Abandons Intel Processors In Macs For New M1 Processor


American tech giant Apple has started using its new M1 processors in its computers instead of the traditional Intel processors.

On Tuesday, Apple introduced a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini that run on the M1.

Apple says that the new computers running on M1 processors promise a longer battery life and better speed, “in certain circumstances”. For instance, MacBook Air battery has made a leap from 11 hours to 15 hours, measured though surfing the Web over WiFi while the 13-inch MacBook Pro went from 10 hours to 17 hours.

Apple’s M1 processors use a custom design based on an architecture from a company called Arm, which Apple also uses for the processors in iPhones.

Apple claims the M1 is faster than 98 percent of chips in PC laptops sold in the market.

The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro keep the same starting prices, $1,000 (Ksh100,000) and $1,300 (Ksh130,000) respectively, while the Mac Mini will cost $100 (Ksh10,000) less than before, starting at $700 (Ksh70,000).

This is according to the Washington Post.

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