Betty Kyalo Reveals Why She Resigned From K24 Live On Air -

Betty Kyalo Reveals Why She Resigned From K24 Live On Air

Betty Kyalo
Betty Kyalo. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Former K24 news anchor Betty Kyalo now says she was not fired from Mediamax’s K24, but rather opted to resign.

In an interview with Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o, Betty says that she felt not appreciated by the media house owned by the first family.

“I wan’t fired. I’ve worked so hard to be my brand. I have built my brand with hard work, passion, commitment, and love. When I feel like either I’m not being appreciated enough najitoa (I leave),” she said.

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Betty resigned live on air after anchoring the news on Saturday night of May 30, 2020.

“I really appreciate you all. It is now time for me to say goodbye here on K24 TV. Thank you so much for all the support, I appreciate you, God bless you and I love you,” she said.

By the time she left, the media house had slashed employee salaries by up to 50 percent, despite a court order stopping the same.

Betty was among the 36 employees who went to court and successfully obtained orders to stop the salary cuts.

Betty becomes the third senior employee to leave the station over salary cuts after Head of TV and Digital Peter Opondo and Head of Commercial Caroline Mwangi.

Recently, Mediamax announced plans to fire more employees over the adverse effects of Covid-19 pandemic to the economy.

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In a letter to the county labour office, Mediamax acting CEO Ken Ngaruiya said that the company will abolish some positions as part of its cost optimization measures in the wake of its new business realities.

“The services of some of its employees will be rendered superfluous thereby necessitating the termination of their employment on account of redundancy. In accordance with the provisions of Section .10 of the Employment Act. No. II of 2007, Mediamax Network Limited hereby gives one (1) month’s notice of the intended redundancies,” said Mr Ngaruiya.

Mediamax owns K24 TV, People Daily, Milele FM, KamemeTv, Emoo FM, Kameme FM, Msenangu (formerly Pilipili FM), Mayian FM and Meru FM).

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