Brian Ogola Joins Selina Cast, Replaces Lenana Kariba in the Role of Reagan Mackenzie -

Brian Ogola Joins Selina Cast, Replaces Lenana Kariba in the Role of Reagan Mackenzie

In case you haven’t heard, Brian Ogola has joined the cast of Reuben Odanga’s award-winning Swahili telenovela Selina. Selina, which airs weekly on Showmax and Maisha Magic East, follows the tortured romance between Pascal Tokodi’s Nelson and Celestine Gachuhi’s Selina.

Ogola, who made his debut on Tuesday night, plays the role of Reagan Mackenzie, the older son of the wealthy and troubled Mackenzie family. It’s a role that was previously played by Lenana Kariba (You Again, News Just In), who also took over from the late Kone Nouhoum after season 1 and 2.

Reagan is charming and quite colourful in his fashion sense, something that makes him stand out the moment he walks into a room. He’s also a man of very few words who’s under the thumb of his wife, the sassy and controlling Zoe Mackenzie (Mbeki Mwalimu from Sincerely Daisy). But make no mistake, subdued as he may be, Reagan is an opportunistic schemer who wouldn’t think twice about swindling the family fortune and leaving his mother (Helen Keli) and his younger brother (Tokodi) out in the cold.

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Brian Ogola’s previous roles

Ogola first came to prominence in 2014 when he starred in Dorothy Ghettuba’s drama series Jane and Abel, alongside Lizz Njagah. His other notable works include Mbithi Masya’s Kati Kati, which was Kenya’s entry to the Oscars in 2017; the award-winning short Poacher; Njue Kevin’s AMVCA-winning film 18 Hours, where he plays an ambulance driver racing against time to save a patient’s life; Tosh Gitonga’s 2018 rom-com Disconnect; and Mugambi Nthiga’s Lusala, where he plays the titular role.

In 2019, Ogola appeared in Phil Karanja’s comedy-drama Ma’Empress alongside Neomi Ng’ang’a and Catherine Kamau. Most recently, the actor featured in the drama film Cheque Mate, which highlights the stark realities of filmmakers who are at the mercy of gatekeepers in Kenya.

Currently Ogola also plays Richard, Serah Ndanu’s non-committal boyfriend in the drama series Pieces of Us, also available on Showmax.

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