Is the Best Property Marketplace in Nairobi?

Let’s face it – buying or renting a property is a daunting task. But, technology has led to many property websites, making it easy to buy or rent a property in Kenya. is a significant property marketplace in Kenya that makes it easy to buy or rent property in Nairobi.

With BuyRentKenya, you:

  • Can access a list of real properties to buy or rent from reputable real estate companies
  • Get professional advice on decor and lifestyle, real estate news,
  • Learn more about Nairobi’s neighborhoods and suburbs
  • Get expert advice and guides on different aspects of real estate

This article is for you if you are looking for a site where you can sample different properties to buy or rent. It is a comprehensive review of the BuyRentKenya website. Keep reading!

BuyRentKenya – Overview is a property marketplace in Kenya. The site lists real estate properties for sale or rent from different parts of the country. This marketplace connects sellers, buyers, and tenants online. bridges the gap between landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers. With this site, it is now easy for you to find a property to buy or rent – the legwork has been done for you!

Besides, BuyRentKenya offers you more than houses. Its strategic partnerships with ancillary providers like NCBA Bank and Dunhil Consulting among others, offer you a holistic experience.

Is the Best Property Marketplace for You?

Now that we have addressed what the site does let’s find out whether it is the best property marketplace for you.

Ease of Use site is appealing and easy to use for the average person.  The simple and very effective layout makes it easy to navigate the site since everything is clearly highlighted.

Figure 1: Clear tabs making it easy to locate a property fast


As evident from the screenshot above, you can find everything you need with ease. Whether you want to buy a property, you can find numerous options at the for sale tab. Similarly, you will easily find property for rent at the for rent tab.

The search button makes it easy to easily navigate the site and find a property for sale or rent. Besides, the search icon allows you to look for property in different locations, provinces, Towns, or suburbs. You can, as well, filter your search based on the property price.

Applications and Benefits isn’t your usual real estate website. It brings together various features and functionality to give you a property buying/renting experience like no other.

Here are a few insights:

  • Eases Buying or Renting of Property

Finding a property to buy or rent has become a daunting task. This challenge is attributed to the emergence of real estate scammers everywhere. BuyRentKenya steps in to help you find a real property that matches your specific needs.

When you click on the projects page on the site, you get a list of several real estate projects in Kenya. The listing gives you a brief overview of the project, including the number of units and floor plan and amenities around.

BuyRentKenya makes it easy to get a mortgage from NCBA bank at an affordable interest rate of 13%. Once you find a project you like and want to be financed, you can easily check your financing eligibility with NCBA.

Additionally, communicating with real estate agents is fast and easy. All you need to do is click the contact those agents button on the right-hand side of any listing. Make sure to leave your contact details so that the agents can get in touch with you for more information.

  • Professional Advice

You need expert knowledge and real estate understanding to buy or rent the right property,. gets you covered in this.

The site offers you real estate news. You get property news, exclusive in-depth analysis of trends, and market insights.

Second, you get professional advice on decor and lifestyle from Kenyan design experts. Such information will help you in decor inspiration and home improvement. You can access expert advice and guides on on real estate financing, selling, and renting to make an informed decision.

Third, offers you insider’s guides into Nairobi’s neighborhoods and suburbs. It is advisable to avoid buying or renting any property blindly. The neighborhood guides will help you learn about property in different parts of Nairobi. With such knowledge, you can find property in an area that matches your tastes and preference.

  • Reliable Partners

BuyRentKenya has partnered with renowned companies in the real estate sector. Some strategic partners include Fairdeal Properties, NHC, PAM Goldin Properties, Dunhill Consulting Limited, and NCBA. Such partnerships are crucial in your journey to own a property as they make your purchase or renting of property a seamless process.

Final Thoughts

Finding a property to rent or buy in Kenya is a strenuous process. This process has become challenging and almost impossible with the entrance of many real estate scammers. However, offers the solution to this problem.

A brief overview of the site presents a professionally done website with a friendly user interface. It is easy to navigate this site because all of the links are easily accessible.  Moreover, the site is informative – it offers you more than property listing. You learn about real estate interviews, insights trends, decor and lifestyle, and neighborhoods.

Besides, the design is very consistent throughout all of the pages- clean and easy to read. Well done! The load time of the site is quite fast.

Overly, is a great marketplace for property in Kenya. The great design and excellent content make it easy for anyone – tech-savvy or not to find the property of their dreams.

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