Can You Get 100 Views On WhatsAap Story? This is How You Can Get Ksh2500 for Making a WhatsAap Status

Joe Kariuki. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

For the last three months, Kenyans have been placed under a strict nationwide cessation of movement that saw millions of Kenyans locked down in various towns and cities as the Coronavirus took hold on the Country

The cessation of movement saw Kenyans barred from moving in and out of Nairobi, Mombasa and other fly-hit cities.

The directive resulted in massive disruption of daily life, economic stress, anguish, loss of income, restlessness and tough financial times for millions of Kenyans who depended on movement in and out of the Cities to make a living or support their businesses.

But there was a huge sigh of relief after President Uhuru Kenyatta lifted the orders and opened back the Country to business.

And to reward Kenyans who have been locked down in the villmages and counties for months, broke and in despair, city millionaire Joe Kariuki has decided to gift at least 500 Kenyans with at least Ksh2500 each to help them kick-start their life once they’re back in the City.

“I know times are tough . Times were actually very tough even before the corona Virus started. I can only imagine how bad things are now. It’s crazy. And that’s why I have decided to touch a heart of a Kenyan and make them smile as they come back to the City. It’s the least I can do, really. I hope it helps improve someone’s life as life gets back to normal, ” Joe Kariuki, the CEO of 51 Capital says.

The cash, Joe adds, shall also be redirected to his latest venture Pessa Coin and the beneficiaries will also have new accounts opened for them and money injected into it.

“Pessa Coin is the new baby in town. And as everyone is rushing to cash in on it, I want to make my beneficiaries also reap from it,”said Mr Kariuki.

To qualify for the Ksh2500 token, 51 Capital is asking Kenyans to put up a status update with the link to this article and the Pessa Coin logo as their Whatsaap status story.

Pessa Coin Logo. [IMAGE/ COURTESY]

The first 500 whatsaap stories to get over 100 views will automatically qualify for the token.

How many views can you get on Whatsaap? Today is the day to test your whatsaap views.

Post this article’s link, post the Pessa Coin Logo, get a 100 views, take a screenshot and send it to 0722724533.

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