d.light Feted As The Best Solar Home Systems in Africa

Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA); the reference Association for solar professionals in Africa recently has awarded d.light the Solar Home System Company of the year 2020 award

More than 130 entries were submitted across 15 categories from all over the continent and d.light emerged winner in the Solar Home Systems Category.

This award comes almost immediately after achieving the company’s founding goal of transforming 100 million lives by 2020 and tells the story of a journey that begun a little over 12 years ago.

“When our founders first pitched their mission to impact 100 Million Lives by 2020 with the Solar Home System and high quality solar lighting systems, they were met with a lot of scepticism but they kept pushing and built a series of robust and capable teams to make the mission a reality.” said d.light Marketing Director Juliet Ziswa.

“The award recognises the hard work of our key stakeholders, it recognises the dedication of our employees, the determination of our partners and the support of our customers who have trusted us and given us an opportunity to provide affordable, healthy and sustainable lighting and entertainment solutions,” she added.

The company says it aims to transform the lives of one billion people with sustainable products by 2030.

“Awards such as this are here to remind our staff and to assure our customers that we are ready to create an impact in the world and that we have what it takes to transform lives with sustainable products and that we are motivated to achieve this great goal,” added Ms Ziswa.

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