Dirty Tricks! Rival City Company Erects Huge Billboard to Fight Off Business Competition

Business rivalry is nothing new in the world and businesses have been known to fight each other, smear each other and even launch massive campaigns against each other in a bid to outdo their competition.

Apple and Samsung, Coca Cola and Pepsi and Mercedes Benz and BMW are some of the large global brands that have taken their battles to the streets as the fight for consumers reach fever pitch.

And even locally, companies have started to take their fights to the streets as has just been the case with top Kenyan forex trading company 51 Capital.

51 Capital, a giant forex trading conglomerate headquartered in Nairobi and with branches in Mauritius and India, is now facing stiff opposition from some well-oiled rivals who have even erected billboards in town to trash the company.

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Companies that are, for now, unknown to 51 Capital, have been seen hiring billboard spaces in Nairobi in a bid to tarnish the name of the Joe Kariuki-led company.

The billboard reads ” 51 Capital is a Joke” and there are rumors that it was erected by rival forex trading company, CoinWorld Limited whose CEO is top City businessman Ranjeet Patel.

“We don’t know what their issue is. We just transact clean business na hatuna vita na mtu. We don’t understand why anyone would want to put up billboards trashing the company. We remain steadfast in our bid to provide excellent services to our clients, ” said Joe Kariuki on a phone call.

51 Capital has been under fire of late for hiring rather young employees and for even elevating a young, baby-faced 22-year old forex trading whizz, Sean Macharia, as the company General Manager.

The entire company, of over 40 employees of different nationalities, is headed and run by kids in their twenties, an issue that has caused a little controversy for people online.

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