Ebru TV Dismisses Benji Ndolo Over "Ill-manners" -

Ebru TV Dismisses Benji Ndolo Over “Ill-manners”

Benji Ndolo
Benji Ndolo. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Everest Production Corporation Limited Kenya (Ebru TV) has dismissed Honks Benjamin Ndolo alias Benji Ndolo who was a host for My Government show at Ebru TV on causal basis.

“In a statement, Ebru TV accused Ndolo of ill-mannered behaviour, verbal abuse and breach of the company policy”.

“The safety of staff remains a top priority to us and it is our mandate to ensure that the employee is well interviewed and follows the proper exit procedures, which was not the case for Benjamin Ndolo. Instead, he defamed the company to cover up his own faults,” the statement read in part.

It is alleged that Ebru has been embroiled in a tussle with Ndolo over a pay cut the he allegedly suffered after testing positive for Covid-19.

On his side, Ndolo accused the station manager Anab Mohamed of harassment.

“In my case, when I got Covid-19, she cut my pay. She is also abusive and discriminatory. How do you have an employee who comes back from recovery, then you cut his pay? Many Kenyans choose to keep quiet but for me, I will fight for my rights,” said Ndolo.

The station said Ndolo had been hired on a non-payment basis and received pay per appearance. 

“Our partners and agencies will be notified about this incident and assured that Ebru TV takes any allegations of misconduct seriously. Ebru has taken necessary steps to ensure that heightened measures supported by company policy are put in place to ensure a safe environment for all our partners, staff and clients.

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