Engie Mobisol Rebrands to Engie Energy Access Kenya

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ENGIE Mobisol, a leader in Kenya’s Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGo) solar industry announced a corporate change of name to ENGIE Energy Access Kenya (EEA Kenya).

The company started operations in Kenya in 2016 serving mostly off-grid customers with solar home systems (SHS) to power households and small businesses. In 2020, parent company ENGIE integrated ENGIE Mobisol with Fenix International, another SHS company and mini-grids provider, ENGIE PowerCorner under a new entity and name – ENGIE Energy Access. This integration puts the company in a unique position as the only energy player offering end-to-end off-grid energy solutions with both solar home systems and mini-grids under one roof.   

In addition to the corporate name change, the company also unveiled its new solar home system brand – MySol. MySol will replace the Mobisol brand of lighting, TV and business SHS products.

“With MySol we are now offering a much wider product range to address even more customer needs than what we did with Mobisol, from basic lighting and phone charging to more advanced systems for households and small businesses across Kenya. Our PAYGo model still ensures that the product remains affordable for our customers, since they are able to pay in small instalments with mobile money,” said Frederick Nobala, Managing Director of ENGIE Energy Access Kenya.

With operations in 22 counties across the country, Nobala also announced that the company has successfully connected over 12,000 households in Kenya.

“Today we are also celebrating the success of impacting the lives of more than 60,000 Kenyans with clean, affordable energy. This is no small feat considering that we operate in such a competitive space where customers have so many options to choose from,” added Nobala.

He also highlighted the important role that partnerships with organizations like Gogla, SNV, Premal and many more have played in the company’s success to date.

“Our celebration is incomplete without acknowledging and appreciating the partners who have been with us on this journey to bring life-changing solar energy products to the Kenyan population. We are looking forward to collaborating with many more partners to help us reach many more Kenyans in the coming years,” he said.

Universal electrification is the seventh of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that the global community has committed to achieving by 2030.

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