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Bulk SMS
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What is a bulk SMS service? This is sending the same message to hundreds or thousands of recipients probably in a list. This is being sent very quickly and hence it is highly beneficial to the commercial people to reach thousands of individuals at a particular time.

Simply we can say, bulk SMS is a term used to describe any SMS message that is sent out to a group of people at the same time. Businesses send out SMS to their entire contact list for promotional or transactional purposes.

A bulk SMS Provider is a company that arranges the sending of these messages to the recipient’s mobiles in a very quick and efficient manner.

The text messages have more than 100 characters and can also include pictures, videos, and sound files.

There are two types of bulk SMS used by companies for marketing;

i) Promotional SMS is where the company sends outs text messages for promotional or marketing purposes. These messages include offers, ongoing sales, and other innovative SMS campaigns.

ii) Transactional SMS is where a company has to send out text messages for operational purposes. Such messages could include payment or appointment reminders, order confirmation, delivery updates, and more.

The following are some of the features of bulk SMS:

a) One SMS can contain 160 characters
It also can contain photos, videos, and sound files. Avoid adding too much unnecessary information, ensure you capture all the vital points required.

b) Bulk SMS Service Providers allow their clients to login into their assigned portal and send Bulk SMS directly to the people in their database or their mailing list. For this service, they have to subscribe to some packages that will provide them access to this facility for a certain period.

c) In the case where clients prefer the service providers to send the SMS to the database of the Bulk SMS service provider, then it also can be arranged for some fixed charges.
These are mainly for sending information updates to their recipients.

d) Depending upon the messages and the speed, there exist several types of Bulk SMS Services (i.e. promotional and transactional SMS).

e) Text messages can be scheduled and sent automatically. Companies can schedule the exact time to be able to deliver their text messages where their recipients will be able to engage with them.

f) Sending personalized messages. Bulk SMS can be used to create and build up a long- term relationship with your customers.

g) Seek permission. Before sending out messages, your clients should have given you the right to send them these messages. You can do this with an opt-in feature.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Services:

a) With a single button push, thousands of customized messages are sent instantly and simultaneously.

b) This is cost-effective advertising reaching a large number of individuals within a very short period.

c) They are efficient, simple to set up and use, and have an almost immediate response.

d) The best SMS service providers usually protect the details of their clients together with their recipients

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