Focus On Pertinent Issues And Not My Private Life – Wambui Collymore Tells Media

Wambui Collymore. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Wambui Collymore, the wife to the late Safraicom CEO Bob Collymore, has told off the media for focusing more on her private life rather than the pertinent issues facing the country.

In a tweet thread responding to a story by The Standard exposing her husbands will, Mrs Collymore said that she was not newsworthy, and that by writing about her the media was shifting from its role of informing, educating and empowering.

“I want to see change in my country. But it has to start with media, the very powerful source of information that unlike a lot of other institutions, we still have some level of trust in. It is not by chance that media is called the 4th Estate. In lieu of a strong opposition, media really should be holding fort,” she wrote.

“There was a time when newspapers spoke such truth to power that people read particular articles in secret. Folding the paper over so as not to reveal the questions that articles raised,” she added.

“It’s time that the media handed power back to the people. It can only do so if it provides content that informs, educates and empowers. The media can raise consciousness, can fullfil the greatest role in redirecting our country from the bleak future that we are hurrying toward,” she added.

Mrs Collymore who inherited millions from her husband says that instead of writing about her personal life, the media “should hand back the power to the people” by writing about the good things Kenyans are doing and exposing the evils being done.

“We also don’t have much time to waste. I am not the news. The news is what we are living in the dark. Media can determine the future of our country everyday, on that front page by casting light into the dark. On just that one page, media can make or break us as a nation,” she wrote.

In the story by the Standard, it was revealed that Bob Collymore left all his Kenyan wealth estimated at hundreds of millions of shillings to his wife Wambui.

State House Chief of Staff Nzioka Waita was appointed an alternate executor of his will should anything happen to Wambui.

“I give, devise and bequeath all my estate, real and personal, immovable and movable whatsoever and wheresoever situated to my wife for her own use and benefit absolutely,” the will reads in part.

In a scenario where Nzioka was the sole trustee, Collymore’s wealth in Kenya would be split between three entities.

Collymore’s son by his previous marriage James Collymore of UK would take 40 per cent of his wealth while his daughter Sarah Collymore, similarly of UK, would get an equal share of the estate.

Wambui’s children would get 20 per cent of the wealth but only after attaining the age of 18, and in equal shares. 

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