Global Nutritional Solutions(GNS) Unveils GNS Bovita Maziwa, an Affordable Supplement for Livestock in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya – 04th May 2021 – Global Nutritional Solutions (GNS) launches, GNS Bovita and Maziwa Block range of products in Kenya; a mineral and vitamin supplement prepared to meet the needs of dairy cattle with a focus on improving milk production, fertility, and the general health of livestock.

Animal mineral and vitamin supplements are essential, particularly regarding animal health, supporting immune system function, developing bone and muscle functions, and nervous system function.

According to Emre Muftuoglu, General Manager GNS, “GNS has identified Central, North and South Rift regions as areas where there is greater need for this kind of animal nutritional supplement that will lessen disease occurrence such as milk fever, mastitis and lameness.”

The GNS range of supplements will be distributed by iProcure, GNS’s sole distributor in the East Africa region.

Dr. Jacktone Agona, an animal health expert and Project manager iProcure said,

“Our commitment to farmers is to drive down the cost of production by leveraging iProcure’s distribution network and technology to provide farmers with nationwide access to high quality, yet affordable livestock nutritional Supplements, leading to on-farm productivity, improved yields and Livelihoods”.

Dr. Jacktone Agona, an animal health expert and Project manager iProcure

Additionally, Bovita Maziwa is taking centre stage in providing the best-in-class training to farmers via training and workshops.

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