Guide to Managing Change Post-Covid-19 and Beyond


Ever imagined how the workplace would look post Covid-19 pandemic?The outbreak of Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the economy, leading to closure of some segments of the economy.

Some companies opted to lay off some of their employees while others sent staff home on unpaid leave. As the ill-fated storm of the pandemic ebbs, companies are finding their footing and slowly regaining a semblance of normal operations.

Amid efforts to return to the workplace, employers and HR professionals know that the workplace has changed. The biggest challenge right now is managing this change and ensure the business thrives.

Various Changes in the Current Workplace Landscape

  • Social distancing, precautions and safety in the workplace
  • Task organization
  • New tools and software
  • Digitization
  • Communication and managing customers
  • Changing work schedule
  • Team restructuring
  • New rules for accessing the workplace

You can download the BrighterMonday Employer Handbook for Free today, and get practical tips on managing these changes.

BrighterMonday Employer Hand Book: Advice from Experts

BrighterMonday Kenya has been providing support to the job market ecosystem and its stakeholders. With initiatives like the Unity in Adversity campaign providing free listing services to employers looking to hire critical talent, and tools like the Skills Assessment Tool that helps employers get the best talent using assessments curated by industry experts.

These initiatives have helped employers get the talent they needed to stay afloat during the most difficult times in this pandemic. Now that times have changed and the workplace is evolving, BrighterMonday is here, yet again providing guidance on managing the post-Covid-19 workplace with the Employer Handbook. This is a handbook filled with best practice tips and advice unpacking the different challenges presently facing workplaces and professional input from leading HR experts in Kenya.

Download the BrighterMonday Employer Handbook for Free or subscribe to their newsletter for more tips and advice on how to manage the post-Covid workplace.

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