How A Man Conned Teachers Of Millions In Fake Transfer, Employment ‘Deals’


Police in Kenya are pursuing a Facebook user who conned tens of teachers of millions in fake employment and transfer ‘deals’.

The yet to be identified con has been using several pseudo accounts on Facebook, invading teachers groups and giving fake promises of employment and transfer.

Business Times understands that the man has been posing as a very senior official working with the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC).

The man mostly invades the comment sections of the groups with one pseudo account, explaining how a senior oficial in TSC helped him secure a job or transfer.

Unsuspecting teachers will then ask to be linked to the ‘official’. He will then tag another account, which supposedly belongs to the official.

Unknown to the teachers, the second account belongs to him. This is his account of trade, where he extorts and blocks teachers who come for his help.

According to officers investigating the man, he has so far pocketed millions from teachers, who are now crying for justice.

“If we say he has pocketed only Sh1 million shillings, we’d be lying. This man has minted several millions of shillings from gullible, unsuspecting or desperate Kenyans,” said the officer, who spoke in confidence, as quoted by The Standard.

The suspect has been traced to Kericho County.

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