How Phone Makers Are Coming Up With Gadgets That Respect Privacy

We are living in strange times. The evolution of technology has brought the world to a whole new level. The world is no longer a global village. It is not even a bungalow. It is a bedsitter where everything is within reach, including the bathroom. Thanks to technology.

One of the disadvantages of technology is that ofspreading the privacy of individuals, laying it bare for other unscrupulousindividuals to access, especially for users who have no idea how to securetheir data.

Cases of Cybercrime in Kenya and globally have beenon the increase. For instance, cases of criminals accessing mobile banking appsfor unsuspecting Kenyans have been on the rise with people losing millions ofshillings.

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Late last month, the Directorate of CriminalInvestigations (DCI) warned Kenyans against downloading unsuspecting mobileapps, especially those that promise to give them loans, because most of themare after mining their data.

Most mobile loan apps in Kenya require users togive their names as they appear on their national ID, ID numbers or Passportnumbers, names of closer relatives, source of income among other requirements.

Smartphone maker OPPO, in its quest to protect the users’ devices, has developed phones that are cognitive of the users’privacy. In terms of data and accessibility and, therefore, able to warn or notify the user of any breach. The company has implemented various organizational and technical measures to protect the users’ data.

”Since 2018, OPPO has been using the TrustonicDevice Security to enhance the security and privacy of its devices. Unlocksecurity-enhanced experiences on services and support Google’s increasingly demanding mandate for hardware security in devices to underpin Android versionsM and above,” said Muthoni Wachira, OPPO Kenya Head of Communication projects.

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Muthoni Wachira added with the OPPO A92 for instance, which was released recently, the company has applied Real-time Privacy Protection to provide immediate notification and a turn-down when a third-party app requests access to the Microphone/Camera or location permission.OPPO takes the security of users’ data very seriously and has implemented various organizational and technical measures to protect your information.

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