Is OPPO Watch 41mm Worth The Money?


A lot has been written and said about the OPPO Watch 41mm that is already in Kenya and retailing at Ksh23,999. Someone might be tempted to ask if the watch is worth the money. The concerns are genuine given the current economic turbulence as a result of COVID-19.

So, is this watch worth the cash? Is it worth the hype? The answer is certainly yes. You can use the watch for a lot of amazing things, including health, sleep recording, heart rate, steps counter, cycling, swimming, and much more. With it, you have an opportunity to monitor your health and even set reminders for your runs or when you stay in one place for long.

The watch also comes with an extra app by OPPO, Health, which allows you to do a lot more on the watch including changing watch faces. There’s even the option to customize a watch face based on the items of clothing you have on, to match everything out when going out.

There is a speaker plus a microphone on the other side for you to make calls with this watch. There is an option for the eSIM version of the watch where you get to have an actual phone number attached to the watch to help with calls. This WiFi-only model also makes calls when linked to your phone via Bluetooth.

It has an AMOLED display, and it gets very bright outdoors that will outshine the phone’s display. The AMOLED panel allows you to have the watch always on – here everything is dimmed but you still get to see the time, though the panel never goes off – giving it the feel of an actual old school watch.

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