Jacque Maribe Set For A Comeback With New Show

Jacque Maribe. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Journalist Jacque Maribe is set for a comeback into the media industry with a new show dubbed “The Hot Seat”.

Maribe previously worked with Royal Media Services (RMS) as a news anchor for Citizen TV, before she was forced out after facing murder charges following the brutal murder of Monicah Kimani.

According to a spinet shared by blogger Denis Itumbi, the show will be airing on Youtube and other Social media platforms every Sunday at 8pm.

“The Hot Seat with Jacque Maribe – Sunday’s at 8pm,” captioned Itumbi.


A teary Maribe says, “You feel like everything is falling into place and everything is making so much sense until one day you have no idea what the world is… something that you love doing so much. It has been a roller-coaster of a ride this past year. Trying to take it all in, trying to smile when you know you can’t.”

“But instead of allowing yourself to be down…you get back and you take it by the horns,” she adds.

Before her exit, Maribe had been at RMS as a news anchor at Citizen TV since 2012.

Maribe was arrested on September 29, 2018 over allegations that she was linked to the murder of Monica Kimani, a Nairobi businesswoman.

A month later, she was released on Ksh2million bail after Justice James Wakiaga indicated that there was no indication that she posed a flight risk.

The judge further ruled that the Prosecution did not prove that she would interfere with witnesses.

Her co-accused Joseph “Jowie” Irungu was released in February 13, 2020, on a Ksh2 million cash bail or an alternative Ksh3 million bond.

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