Kenyan Developers Put Turkana In The World Map Through New Game


A new game developed in Nairobi Kenya, game Usoni, is set to be released on Friday November 27.

The game developed by Kenyan-based Jiwe Studios is a post apocalyptic journey from the Mediterranean sea to Turkana, the cradle of mankind.

Usoni is based on a book of the same name by Marc Rigaudis, which is set in the year 2063, and is above all a story of injustice, love and loss, when Europe has exhausted all its resources, and Africa becomes the cradle of hope, and all have their eyes set on seeing the sun again.

Jiwe Studios was founded by Max Musau, a technologist and community developer at heart, who played games for decades since his childhood and has always dreamed of starting a game development studio. He finally got an opportunity and started Jiwe, which means rock in Swahili, a material that almost all African communities have played with, fought using and built with.

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“The studio’s vision is not only to create uniquely African game experiences and to empower game developers on the African continent to build and distribute video games, and in the process showcase a rarely seen side of Africa, but also to provide young africans with opportunities to earn stable income through the digital economy,” Musau said.

Games are big business the world over, bigger than movies and music combined. The gaming industry was worth 200 billion US dollars in 2019 and expected to be more than 250 billion US dollars this year.

Africa Games Industry Fact Sheet

  1. Video Gaming market in Africa (console, mobile & PC) grew by over $460 M from 2014 – 2018.
  2. Egypt Video game revenue in 2018 was $293 million
  3. South Africa video game revenue in 2018 was $216 million
  4. Morocco video game revenue in 2018 was $129 million
  5. Nigeria video game revenue in 2018 was $122 million
  6. Algeria video game revenue in 2018 was $107 million
  7. Tunisia Video game revenue in 2018 was $45 million
  8. Ethiopia Video game revenue in 2018 was $26 million
  9. Ghana Video game revenue in 2018 was $23 million
  10. Kenya game revenue in 2018 was $23 million
  11. Angola game revenue in 2018 was $22 million
  12. There were 298 million smartphones in Sub-Saharan Africa as of 2016
  13. There were 359 million smartphones active in sub-Saharan Africa as of 2019
  14. 690 million smartphones are estimated to be active by 2025 in sub-Saharan africa
  15. In Sub Saharan Africa, 230 million jobs will require digital skills by 2030
  16. 1.3 million direct jobs (and 2.8 million indirect) are supported by the mobile ecosystem
  17. 900 million Africans are below 35 years.
  18. Nigeria devours the most mobile data in the world

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