Kenyan Cryptocurrency Company PessaCoin Fetes Best Students In Essay Writing

students feted by PessaCoin
students feted by PessaCoin. [PHOTO/ BUSINESS TIMES]

After months of idling at home, doing very little learning and almost even forgetting whatever you had learned in school before the Coronavirus, hundreds of students have now started feeling the schooling vibe get back as top City bitcoin company PessaCoin has brought the learning mood back.

With a few days left to the reopening of schools (in case they will even be opened at all), Pessacoin has now launched the One Child, One Coin campaign that aims at rewarding some of the brightest students from both Primary and Secondary schools and rewarding their essay-writing skills.

Today, tens of the winners converged at the Pessacoin’s headquarters in Westlands, Nairobi and were feted with certificates, goody bags and other learning material for their excellence in writing and their expansive knowledge, even at their young age, on virtual money.

Flanked by their parents, guardians and, in some cases, teachers the brilliant kids beamed with joy as they were lined up, praised, congratulated and later offered certificates and goodies by the company founder Joe Kariuki and his wife, entrepreneur Nasra Sway.

Beaming with joy, one of the students, who submitted her essay and was picked as one of the winners, Rihana Wangeci, termed as an honour to be feted by the company.

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“This is a great thing for me. I am overjoyed by the fact that my essay was picked and considered one of the best. It’s a great thing for me. I did a 600-word essay and I was sure I would emerge as one of the best students. It’s an honour to be recognised like this, an honour to learn about virtual money and an honour to see my parents witness my feting,” Rihanna Wangechi, a 13-year old primary school student said.

Rihanna Wangeci speaking to journalists. [PHOTO/ BUSINESS TIMES]

Many other primary and secondary school students who spoke the event expressed their pride and joy over the rewards.

“I was told by my Mom about the essay-writing competition and I immediately jumped to it. I love writing and English is my favorite subject. I submitted my essay and I was overjoyed to learn that I had been picked as one of the winners. It’s a great day for me, for my Mom and my family. Many thanks to One Child, One Coin campaign for this amazing opportunity,’ said Malcom Murugami, a 15-year old Form One student said.

Nasra Sway, one of the company’s top Executives, lauded the students for their amazing work, brilliance and skills.

“You’re exceptional . You’re brilliant and you’re talented. Keep up the good work, keep your heads up and remain grounded. That’s what will get you where we are. Where your parents are. And more importantly, remember to educate yourself on the merits of virtual money and you will never go wrong,” said Ms Sway.

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