KRA Experiencing Glitches On Online Tax Filing System -

KRA Experiencing Glitches On Online Tax Filing System

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The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has admitted that it is experiencing glitches on its online tax return filing system.

Responding to one of the users on Twitter, KRA said that their technical team was addressing the problem, which has been reportedly been in existence since last week.

“Hello Otis. Kindly note that we are currently experiencing a system downtime. Our technical team is looking into the issue. Apologies for the inconvenience caused,” said KRA.

Some of the users using the system have been getting a message that they “do not have enough resources to access the website”.

Corporate taxpayers have not been able to file their returns online, for lack of updated forms.

Currently, the forms in the system were calculating taxes at 30 percent instead of the 25 percent that was implanted as part of the Covid-19 relief.

“As a result, companies are not able to file their returns for 2020, and therefore they cannot pay the taxes which are due on April 30,” said a user quoted by The Star.

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