Meet Jonah Kimani, The Police Constable Who Writes “Shakespearean” Stories For DCI

Jonah Kimani

The Washington Post describes his language as florid, or even Shakespearean.

For months, Kenyans have been wondering whether the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) hired Michael Finkel to write their stories. But that is far from the reality.

Every time he sits behind the keyboard, Jonah Kimani, 29, sets tongues wagging by using words to create the perfect picture for his readers on crime scenes.

His writings sometimes sound like thriller novels/movies, woven in an expatriate manner.

He is always sitted behind the desk in his office at the DCI communications department, but will sound like he was at the crime scene when he writes.

Washington Post writes, “Kimani has a penchant for scandal, evidenced in part by his choice on a recent day to wear a tan suit in the tradition of one of his idols, Barack Obama. In his spare time, he bolsters his vocabulary by listening to other favorite orators, such as the Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie”.

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In an interview with the publication, Kimani who once dreamed of becoming a journalist but ended up a police constable says that Kenyans have embraced Twitter as their source of news, and love thriller stories.

“Kenyans from top to bottom have embraced Twitter as their source of information. What I’ve learned is that people want thrills. You must feed your followers. That’s how the word gets out,” he says.

Kimani is among eight constables working for the DCI’s PR team, that is behind most communications posted on the agency’s social media accounts. All are below the age of 35.

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According to their leader Inspector Michael Mugo, the use of social media has made the fight against crime easier, since people can share tip-offs easily.

“A lot of information slides directly into our DMs, especially now that we are tweeting more often. I’d like to think we’ve made crime fighting more accessible to people, by speaking their language,” says Mugo.

The DCI Twitter page has now well over 700,000 followers while the Facebook page has close to 230,000 likes, thanks to the regular posting.

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