Mwende Musunga Appointed Lancet CEO To Replace Dr Ahmed Kalebi


Pathologists Lancet Kenya (PLK) has appointed Mwende Musunga as the new CEO, set to take over from Dr Ahmed Kalebi who has announced his exit from the firm.

Ms Musunga, who has been Laborex Kenya Ltd chief executive for the past four years, will join Lancet from June 1, two months after Kalebi’s exit.

Dr Kelebi, who founded the firm in 2009, has been working as East Africa CEO and chief consultant pathologist. He will leave on April 30.

Dr Kelebi sought close to Ksh1.9 billion as exit packages for his shareholding and employment.

“The current term under the aforementioned employment contract is set to lapse on 30th April 2021 and our client does not wish to apply for a new term. The total claim under the employment contract and under shareholder agreement is Ksh1,851,879,151.75 which sums our client claims,” read a letter by his lawyer Donald Kipkorir to the board.

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He accused his South African and French partners of sidelining him from Lancet operations, including hiring of executives while diluting his ownership.

However, the board said Dr Kalebi will remain as a shareholder at PLK and its subsidiaries in East Africa.

“Dr Kalebi is proceeding on a planned voluntary retirement, to dedicate more time to his family and pursue various personal interests,” said a notice published in the dailies.

Mr Matthieu Gogue has been appointed as the transition group managing director for six months while Dr Charles Wahome was appointed the incoming chief consultant.

Dr Kelebi started Lancet in 2009 as a splinter of the South African company, operating under Pathologist Lancet Kenya (PLK) and Lancet Services Company (LSC).

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Later in 2019, France-based multinational Cerba Healthcare bought substantive shares in South Africa’s Lancet Laboratories which saw it control the East African unit.

Lancet SA holds a 49 percent stake in the joint venture while Cerba Healthcare has 51 percent.

Dr Kalebi currently owns 7.67 percent of PLK and 10 percent of LSC.

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