Myspace Properties Commits Support To Electrician With Hearing Disability

David Mugambi

Myspace properties has sponsored one of the most disabled individuals, Daniel Mugambi, through their CSR program that aims to improve livelihood in the unprivileged communities in Isiolo.

Mr Mugambi, who is an electrician in Isiolo had been living with a hearing disability, experienced a tough childhood and has grown up not leading a normal life because of his shortcomings. He could not comprehend what it felt like to hear communicate with people in the society. He shared his story with Mr Mwenda Thuranira which moved him and through Myspace , on December 16, 2020, Mr Mugambi received hearing aids and now can hear and interact with people normally.  He was, for the first time, able to hear and this made him happy.

“Hearing is often taken for granted by normal people because people don’t understand how privileged they are to hear. I hope we can all participate and help people who are in need. The smile on his face when he heard people talking was heart warming and i hope people understand how important it is to have such blessings,” said Mr Thuranira.

According to the latest official government statistics, over 187,818 people live with hearing disability in Kenya. This limits them from accessing normal life cues such as proper education, societal interactions and participation. Communication is a vital element in the corresponding world and hearing disabilities hinders proper communication.

“Social acceptance and aid should motivate people to help others living with disabilities to shape the society to be a better place for all” added Thuranira.

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