New Video App VSkit Gives TikTok A Run For Its Money

Vskit, is a short funny video social and sharing platform, is now posing a threat to pre-existing platforms such as TikTok. The app allows users to share videos between 15 to 60 seconds.

Vskit started in 2018, and has now passed the mark of 30 million users in Africa, with 12 active monthly users.

It is the most downloaded application today in Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia. The platform is used in 34 countries on the continent, with videos in Swahili, Bambara, French, and English.

In Kenya, the app has over five million active users currently.

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“Vskit” is the “V” of video and victory, and “Skit” comes from English and can be translated as burlesque aside, or short sequence of humor made by amateurs, which fits perfectly in the spirit of the chain. We laugh a lot on Vskit. There is for example this mom who puts his socks to his child while watching a series on his phone. The child retreats, pushes a chair, the mother obsessed by his screen ends up putting the sock at the foot of the chair. Sketches good kid still like the one who wants to drink from the bottle and forgot to remove the cap, the one who puts on heels too high and falls to the ground. We also have the parody of film scenes.

Among the sequences that work well: that of the Titanic fan, the arms in the cross, we replay the scene of Kate Winslet in the film of James Cameron, but on a balcony with a full-face fan to inflate the hair back. There is also the charmeuse of belt, who plays the flute in front of a buckle of leather … And magic: the belt recovers. 

There is always the snake that comes to slip into the spokes of a bicycle, the gag of the sleeper who comes out of his sleeping bag by opening it from the inside with a machete. And then things, much less funny, including a man in a green shirt pursued by a car with young people sitting on doors, and skidding in the dust right in front of the persecuted person, we also have scenes a little vulgar. In short, there is drinking and dining, but overall the spring is still humor, parody and satire with videos of fifteen seconds maximum filmed in everyday life, especially in English-speaking Africa.

Source: rfi

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