Pilots’ Association Divided Over Alleged Embezzlement Of Funds

KALPA members in a past evenet. [Photo/ Courtesy]

The Kenya Association of Pilots is currently embroiled in a bitter squabble over what has been termed as the top leadership’s excesses, mishandling of funds, unprofessionalism and general abuse of office.

The Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA) has differed bitterly on the wanton -and unauthorized – use of funds and a top official has been placed as the helm of the unfolding mess.

The matter has caused a major division in the association and things have boiled over to the association’s top echelons.

The KAPLA General Secretary Murithi Nyagah has been accused of interfering with the association’s kitty and fraudulently misusing funds for unofficial use and abusing the powers of his office.

Murithi has been accused of being hellbent on controlling the association’s finances and for channeling huge amounts of monies to ghost projects.

KAPLA General Secretary Murithi Nyagah. [Photo/ Courtesy]

KAPLA treasurer John Matheka even went ahead to send an official memo dated December 12, 2021 breaking down the dubious activities involving the General Secretary.

“It has come to my attention that there is a deliberate attempt by the General Secretary to take over the control of the association’s finances through the back door and unscrupulous means following my refusal to accede to his request to pay him a sum total of $10,000 for an alleged media activation. To this, I strongly object as we unanimously agreed during the retreat at Stoni Athi to conduct all financial activities above board,” the memo states.

Mr Matheka also brought up a new malaise that has been eating the association, expending funds and causing discontent amongst members – that of the top leadership choosing to hold official meetings and doing official business in high-end nightclubs and swanky Airbnbs at the expense of the association’s kitty.

“We want to know is KALPA always conducting its meetings at the bar? The names established where payments were made are nearly all bars. Funds have been misused for personal reasons even for paying Airbnbs for nefarious activities and purchases of items at different hardwares,” the Treasurer added.

In the memo, Matheka made explosive revelations that showed that the KAPLA leadership was holding official meetings in bars with one that also required Ksh59,000 to be paid for what was termed as ‘entertainment’ at a top City spot.

One of the places that the General Secretary and his cabal preferred to conduct his business was at Motorsports, South C whilst the official meeting spot for all KAPLA activities has always been, according to Matheka, Rubani House.

“I declined to authorize payment of allowances for some meeting at Motorsports South C as there was also a claim of Kshs 59,000.00 spent on entertainment. Rubani house has good enough space to hold meetings when required. It is for all to get accustomed to this. Even Lawyers we give briefs will be summoned to Rubani House in case of clarifications on issues since we are paying them top dollar for their services to KALPA, ” a frustrated Matheka wrote.

The General Secretary Mr Murithi Nyagah, the Assistant GS Captain Dzochera Warrakah and the Chairman Captain Timothy Njoroge are also accused of attempting to illegally acquire huge amounts of money for a supposed ‘media campaign’ and meetings with a senior government official.

All of these requests for funds, at one time for Ksh1 million, were declined by the Treasurer.

[Photo/ Courtesy]

The said officials have also been accused of evading the payment of taxes and that has greatly affected the effectiveness of KAPLA’s operations amongst other illegalities.

In the same breath, the same pilots have been at the forefront of attacking KQ yet they’re themselves embroiled in major office misconduct.

“The same pilots incessantly attack Kenya Airways yet serious integrity issues are now emerging following leaked correspondences on embezzlement of funds within their union.” a source, who asked not to be named, said.

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