Registration Requirements For Catch Taxi Drivers


Catch, the newest ride-hailing services operator in Kenya, is poised to shake up the market in Kenya. Catch Taxi has developed a homegrown ride-hailing Super App to take on international players such as Uber and Bolt.

Operated and owned by Africans Catch brings on board enhanced experience for riders and drivers with safety, comfort and efficiency being its hallmarks. Catch Taxi is offering more affordable prices in the Kenyan market, starting off with Nairobi, which is considered a hub for  ride-hailing services.

Catch Taxi comes in to the market at a time when existing players are having trouble maintaining drivers due to unsustainable commission rates that leave drivers earning less.

Its fair pricing is expected to attract not only more riders but also satisfied drivers because of their low commission and constant earnings from affiliate partnership. The affiliate program enables drivers to earn from referrals of other drivers and riders who complete their first ride with catch.

Additionally, Catch has an edge over the other apps on various fronts. According to founder and CEO Naffie Omar, “the Catch Taxi driver app provides an in-app wallet for the drivers allowing immediate withdrawal of cash through M-Pesa on card transactions”, something other apps are not currently offering.

Joining the Catch Taxi as a driver is a simple hassle-free process for those with a car in good condition and with the following documents.

  • Drivers profile Image
  • National ID
  • A valid Police Clearance Certificate
  • Valid driver’s regular driving license
  • Driver’s NTSA PSV badge
  • Vehicle’s NTSA inspection sticker/report
  • Vehicle’s PSV insurance sticker
  • Vehicle Back photo

To join Catch Taxi click HERE

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