Royal Media Services Announces Changes In Salary Cuts For Employees


Royal Media Services (RMS) has announced a change in salary cuts for its employees.

In the new development, employees who had their salaries reduced by between 20 percent to 30 percent with have the percentages reduced by 10 percent. The means that salary cuts at RMS stand at between 10 percent to 20 percent.

“This means that staff currently on a salary reduction of 20% will go to 10% and the staff on 30% will go to 20%. We will continue to review the situation with a view to reverting to full salary for all staff as soon as possible,” read a statement from Group Managing Editor Wachira Waruru.

RMS is the second media house after Nation Media Group to partially revert the salary reductions which were occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya in 2020.

Staff currently on a salary reduction ranging from 5% to 10%, will now be on full pay. Staff on salary reduction ranging from 15% to 35% will get a reprieve of 10%; for example, those on 15% reduction will go to 5%. This is effective from the December 2020 payroll.

said Nation Media Group in a separate statement.

Several media houses and companies in other industries were in 2020 forced to downscale due to slowed business.

Leading media houses including RMS, Nation, Mediamax and standard sacked hundreds of employees in 2020, following reduced incomes.

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