Safaricom Suspends Several M-Pesa Agent Lines Over Fraud


Leading telco Safaricom has suspended several M-Pesa agent lines over what they termed as fraudulent transactions.

In a statement to agents whose lines were suspended, Safaricom accused most of them of  breaking down deposits to earn more commission.

“Dear Agents, Kindly note, lines that have committed fraud have been suspended by Safcom today. If your line gives you an error message “inactive state” just know you are one of the affected,” one of the Administrators told agents as quoted by a local outlet.

The agents whose lines were suspended were also accused of performing fraudulent deposits to increase commissions, according to an email from Safaricom’s head of business development James Mutisya.

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“We urge all Head offices to be vigilant and make use of the M-pesa web system to check the transactions that our sub agents perform and report any anomaly,” the email read.

The firm has also asked its affected agents to visit the Headquarters in case of complaints.

“The commission earned fraudulently on the suspended tills will also be clawed back by EOD tomorrow. Any amount of float inside is also stuck in there. If affected, pls visit Safaricom Headquarters HQ1-Fraud Department for further questioning/information and/or even possible prosecution,” read a WhatsApp message shared in one of the groups.

The suspension will last for six months, and the fraudulent earnings recouped back to Safaricom.

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