Sauti Sol Gets Tested for Covid-19 before Moving in to One House to Focus on Creating Content -

Sauti Sol Gets Tested for Covid-19 before Moving in to One House to Focus on Creating Content


Which person in Sauti Sol is always chronically late? If you caught Episode 8 of #SolFamily this Sunday, you’d know that fast-talking Savara is your typical African timer, who shows up two hours late, after making you wait with his “Niko tu hapa, nakam.” At least he’s also the guy who buys you lunch to make up for his tardiness.

In this week’s episode of Sol Family, we hang out with Bien as he deals with the stress of getting a Covid-19 nose swab, being hungry, and waiting ages for Savara to show up. Everyone – except Bien – barely flinches as their tests are given. Polycarp, Savara and Chimano all agree that the swab was painful, but none of them gives quite the same performance as Bien when it is being administered. I guess we now know once and for all who’s the most dramatic Sauti Sol member.   

The entire crew needs to get tested for the coronavirus because they’re planning to move in together to focus on creating content. It’s going to be another long week before we find out their results. Hopefully, they’ve been washing their hands and wearing their masks.

Meanwhile, it’s moving day for Nviiri the Storyteller and Bensoul, whose Covid-19 test results are already out. Luckily, the two gentlemen have tested negative and they can now move in to the house Anchie’s been so dilligently looking for. The place itself is magnificent, with luscious green lawns and so much space, it’s a pity that large public gatherings have still been banned. They could have had an epic extravaganza down there.

If you ask Bien, partying should be the last thing on Bensoul and Nviiri’s minds, because the boys are supposed to stay away from distractions while there and focus on creating new music. Well, it looks like pombe sigara won’t be the only things Nviiri, the ladies’ man will be forced to live without. Bensoul doesn’t seem too worried because he is used to rooming with others, having lived with H_art the Band for the longest time. But, he has to say goodbye to his beautiful girlfriend – at least for a while.

The exact location of the house is being kept on the down low for obvious reasons, but we know it’s somewhere in Karen. Anchie wants to surprise the boys, so she blindfolds them, and off they go. In typical Kenyan style, the #SolFamily van gets flagged down by traffic cops just before it gets to the house, almost ruining Anchie’s surprise. Fortunately, once the afandes learn what is going on, they give the crew a quick temperature and mask check, and let them go.

It will be exciting to see what life at their new digs is like over the next few episodes. #SolFamily airs weekly on Maisha Magic Plus but if you missed an episode, worry not. You can watch snippets of it on their Youtube channel, as well as some behind the scenes footage, bloopers, live performances and so much more.

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