How The Sol Family Re-strategized After Coronavirus Ruined All Their Plans -

How The Sol Family Re-strategized After Coronavirus Ruined All Their Plans


Remember how hopeful you felt during New Years’ Eve last year? Excited, and on some “New year new me” vibes? Kumbe that entire time the plot twist of the decade was about to turn all our lives upside down.

For Sauti Sol, 2020 was supposed the year. Their new album Midnight Train was set to drop in June. They had an international tour planned, and were scheduled to perform in 15 locations in Europe and 25 in the U.S. The year also appeared to have great things in store for Sol Generation artistes, Bensoul and Nviiri the Storyteller who had lined up multiple shows in Australia.

Basically, walikuwa about kuomoka.

Then disaster hit. ‘Rona happened and all these plans were turned on their ear.

With restrictions on travel and public gatherings all over the world, their shows were either postponed or cancelled. And since one cannot get paid for a concert that hasn’t happened, their finances were taking a massive hit. And they still had to deal with the cost of running Sol Generation Records.

In this week’s episode of #SolFamily, we watch our favorite boyband re-strategize, after #Covid19 trashed many of their plans for 2020. The entertainment industry was one of the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, as countries around the world started to ban non-essential travel, public gatherings, and entertainment joints were shut down. Many artistes weren’t able to work.

The Sol Family realized that they needed to make new plans to match their new coronavirus reality. One solution was to and create more content and release it digitally. That meant it was necessary to transform Sol Generation HQ from an office to a creative space where the artistes could live and generate content without interruption.

The team decided to hire an interior designer to handle the renovations and immediately, Max’s name came up. Max is flamboyant and has expensive tastes, but he is also very good at his job and Sauti Sol trusted him with the task of upgrading their space.

In the process, we also meet, Anchie, the wonder woman who organizes bookings, the artistes’ schedule and PR for Sol Generation. Anchie has worked in the industry for many years, having previously managed Tanzanian superstar Vanessa Mdee. In this episode, we follow her along as she tries to find temporary housing for Bensoul and Nviiri so they can continue to work while they wait for the renovations at Sol HQ to be finished. Along the way we find out Anchie has an exceptional eye for detail and knows all the right questions to ask to ensure the performers’ needs are met. She is certainly an asset to the team, and she shows us why, rejecting some houses because Bensoul and Nviiri wouldn’t be able to do their thing there.

Catch snippets of the show on Sol Generation’s YouTube Channel, along with other behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers and performances by the entire Sol Generation. Sol Family airs every Sunday at 7:30 pm on Maisha Magic Plus and Showmax.

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