Susan Kaittany Spreads Wings To Offer Luxury Products At Posh Palace

Susan Kaittany

Businesswoman and the owner of the upscale beauty salon and spa Posh Palace Susan Kaittany has added a new feather into her ever-growing entrepreneurial hat.

Riding the coattails of her successful beauty business, Ms Kaittany is poised to launch a one one of its-kind-in-Kenya beauty hub; retailing high-end products targeting the luxury market.

The international cosmetics and skincare venture will feature brands like Fenti and Dior, with Ms Kaittany set to launch her first physical outlet in the coming days.

Ms Kaittany says the idea of her beauty business was informed by the need to create a safe haven where women could relax, unwind while receiving state of-the-art holistic beauty and wellness treatment.

The same vision has birthed polished cosmetics; with the aim of satisfying the beauty aspect that Posh Palace is well known for.

“Women generally put everyone’s needs before their own and being in a season where most women have come to appreciate self care and putting themselves first, Polished comes in to remind them of their beauty and uplift them when they need a pick me up,” Ms Kaittany says.

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