Tahidi High Actor Omosh Facing Eviction Over Ksh100,000 Rent Arrears

Peter Kamau Kinuthia alias Omosh
Peter Kamau Kinuthia alias Omosh. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Former Tahidi High actor Peter Kamau Kinuthia alias Omosh has run broke and is currently facing eviction over approximately Ksh100,000 rent arrears.

Speaking to Tuko News, Omosh who lives in Kaole said that he has not been able to pay rent for over a year now.

“I live in Kayole near the DOs office. My rent is Ksh8,000 per month, and I haven’t paid for almost one year so lets just put the arrears at Ksh100,000,” Omosh told the news outlet.

He also said that he has not been able to sufficiently take care of his five children and wife, forcing them to sometimes sleep on empty stomachs.

“I live a life of tears, I just keep crying. To think that I don’t even have five shillings to buy anything for my family breaks my heart. As we speak my children do not even have supper. Leave alone that, their school fees for this term remains unpaid,” he said.

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Having reached a dead-end, Omosh is now appealing for any kind of help from well-wishers, be it financial or a job offer.

“Please, tell the people I am suffering so much. Any help I can be offered in terms of a job will be highly appreciated,” Omosh told the news outlet.

Last year, Omosh revealed that he had been addicted to alcohol since his youth days that almost collapsed his family.

“As an actor in ‘Tahidi High’, I used to drink 10 beers on a daily basis without feeling any effect. Being a public figure I would often frequent parties, functions or clubs upon invitation by friends or various organizations who offered free drinks,” said Omosh in an interview with The Standard last year.

He admitted that he would do anything to get high regardless of how he felt or what he did- he needed to feel good.

“On most occasions, I would sneak from work and would be spotted whiling my days sipping on cheap drinks and chatting with unkempt men with bloodshot eyes mostly makangas and idlers within the estate. Little did I know that this affected my status as a role model to many Kenyans out there,” added Omosh.

He has since stopped drinking and visited a rehabilitaion centre, changing for the good.

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