Thinking Of Going Into Matatu Business? Why Not Try Toyota Hiace?

Toyota Hiace. [Photo/ Courtesy]

The matatu sector is one of the most lucrative sectors in Kenya. Apart from the usual drama that gives it the flavor, the sector remains one of the best in creating employment, facilitating the movement of both people and goods, and positively impacting the economy.

As the days move to buy, passengers are shifting their preferences on the kind of matatu they should use. Initially, passengers could hop into any matatu despite the appearance. But now, things have changed and travelers want the best.

The glamour to travel in a cool and classic matatu has led to the mushrooming of the so-called Nganya which is the pimping of matatus to make them attractive. At the same time, passengers are increasingly embracing the use of new and smart matatus.

If you are thinking of venturing into the matatu business in Kenya, first you have to make sure that you understand the markets. One of the simplest ways to crack the market is to have a new, strong, and reliable matatu. Who will resist using a brand-new car in town?

While in the process of shopping around for your matatu-kind of a car, Toyota Hiace should not escape your mind. In fact, with Toyota Hiace, you should not trouble your mind thinking further. This is the type of car that is meant for the road and will serve you and give you value for money.

The beauty about Toyota Hiace is that whether you are transporting customers, clients, or your family, it provides comfortable seating for all. High-quality materials are used throughout the build, adding a sense of spaciousness, refinement, and comfort that embraces your passengers.

The vehicle comes with an engine capacity of 2.5 and an automatic transmission. It uses diesel and has a fuel tank capacity of 70 liters. What is more, the maximum seat capacity is 17. This is perfect for both long and short-distance matatu businesses.

Worried that you might not afford this amazing car? Come on. Relax. Toyota Kenya, in partnership with Kenyan financial institutions, have you covered. For instance, Toyota Kenya has partnered with the Co-operative Bank of Kenya to provide financing for Toyota vehicles, including Hiace by up to 95 percent.

All you have to do is to walk into the Toyota Kenya showrooms and leave the rest to them, including facilitating your financing.

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