June, 21st 2020, Lavington Curve Mall, Nairobi: With the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in Kenya, handwashing has become an important activity in the fight against the spread of the Corona virus. However, most people, especially in slums, face a lot of sanitation challenges.

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Tippy Tap Kenya, a community-based organization, which has been offering handwashing solutions for the last 5 years has come up with new innovative solutions. The solutions will help curb COVID-19 in a bid to reduce the risks of contracting the disease.

The company is dedicated to creating awareness and providing solutions to better access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). They target institutions, commercial and public spaces with an all-round sustainable, innovative solution to enhance the observance of hand hygiene as a preventive measure against the spread of COVID-19.

The awareness and sensitization initiative is founded on the following objectives:

  • Installation of hand hygiene devices in selected areas
  • Engaging the public through interactive activities on proper hygiene practices
  • Establishing sustainable supply of hand sanitizers and liquid soap

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Proper hand hygiene has been applauded as one of the effective ways to prevent the spared of corona virus. Regardless, over 95% of institutions, public, and commercial areas in the country still do not have efficient and sustainable amenities and facilities to aid in observing frequent hand hygiene. Therefore, the provision of tippy taps, liquid soap, hand sanitizers come in handy.

The ongoing pandemic of the Corona Virus is posing a greater challenge than ever before to the social, economic and general well-being of people. By providing a diverse range of our innovative solutions to both public and private premises enable the general public to embark on their normal activities hence spur the economy.

Kennedy Aluoch, the Director.

 Our projected impact is to develop new WASH Infrastructures that guarantee sustainable hand hygiene devices with sanitizers and soap within institutions, commercial and public spaces; to establish affordable and sustainable supply of hand sanitizers and liquid soap to users thus improving public confidence to embark on their normal activities to spur economic growth. Lastly, save resources by reducing the cost of water, sanitizers, soap and time used by users as compared to current alternatives.

Established back in 2015, Tippy Tap Kenya has immensely grown over the years.

Speaking during the launch, Kennedy pointed out that Tippy Tap Kenya had emerged as the winner of the International Rescue Committee’s WASH ‘Systems Symposium’s Pick’, and was among the top three at the 2019 Africa Young Entrepreneur Support (YES) Program.

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The company has partnered with local brands such as The Ministry of Health (Kenya), UNICEF, Lifebuoy, Africa Insight, Young Water Solutions, Unilever, YGap Kenya, Ongoza, and Strathmore University among others, to help in the execution of its mandate.

During the launch day, Tippy Tap Kenya unveiled these four spectacular handwashing facilities:

The Triple- Pedal Tap: This facility dispenses water and soap separately serving up to 3 users simultaneously while saving on time, water and soap used per wash.

The Triple- Pedal Tap

The Triple- Pedal Tap

G-5 Dispenser: This device dispenses alcohol-based sanitizing solutions, serving up to 4 users simultaneously while saving on time and resources used per user.

G-5 Dispenser
G-5 Dispenser

G-3 Wall Dispenser: G-3 dispenses alcohol-based sanitizing solution serving up to 3 users simultaneously while saving on time and resources.

G-6 Dispenser: It dispenses alcohol-based sanitizing solution serving up to 6 users simultaneously while saving on time and resources used per user compared to current alternatives hence more sustainable.

G-6 Dispenser
G-6 Dispenser