Trouble At Tuskys As More Employees Are Targeted For Firing


Troubled retailer Tuskys Supermarket now wants to fire at least 80 employees, barely three months after sending home an undisclosed number of employees in February.

This was disclosed in a court case filed by Kenya Union of Commercial Food and Allied Workers (KUCFAW) which is seeking to stop the purge.

“That pending hearing and determination of this matter, this honourable court be pleased to issue and order restraining the respondent from declaring eighty unionisable employees redudant for reasons related to the Covid-19 pandemic,” KUCFAW said in Court papers.

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The retailer is already under probe by the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) over Ksh1.2 billion owed to suppliers.

Tuskys has also been ordered tyo pay the suppliers the Ksh1.29 billion by July 16, failure to which CAK will take legal action against them.

Already, CAK has barred Tuskys Supermarket from paying its directors or opening more outlets, unless they are consulted.

“Tusker Mattresses Limited from the date of this order must obtain written concurrence of the authority as a pre-condition for expansion,” CAK wrote to the company. “The Authority imposes a prohibition from declaring or paying bonuses, fees and other discretionary compensation to directors.”

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Tuskys has also been stopped from declaring or paying bonuses, fees or other compensation to its directors.

The retailer has been running on empty shelves in the recent past, with some inside sources suggesting that the executive of the retailer are staging the downfall with the intention of opening new businesses.

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