Tuskys Employees Now Forced Into A 12-day Unpaid Monthly Leave


All Tuskys Supermarket employees will now be forced into a monthly unpaid leave, following the adverse effects of Covid-19.

According to an email sent to employees and seen by Business Times, those employed under the Tusker Mattress Limited (TML) banner will go for a 12-day leave every month as well as those under the Artemis banner.

Interns will go for a five-day leave, starting the month of July.

“As we all know, the Corona pandemic has brought caused a lot of damages to the world’s economy. So the company’s closed and some laying off staffs. In all these, we thank God that TML has worked so hard to retain us at work.Several changes have occurred with the last one being as follows:
Effective today, All TML staffs (Artemis,Interns TML) shall for a mandatory unpaid leave as follows per month untill further notice as follows: TML -12 days per month; Interns-5 days per month; Artemis-12 days per month,” the company said in an email.

“In one month you will therefore be working up to to a maximum of 18 per days including weekly offs. All pending annual leaves have been suspended until further notice.All ongoing annual leaves have been cancelled with the last date being today,” added the mail.

Interns and Artemis employees will be working for nine hours a day, while TML employees will work for 7.5 hours a day.

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This comes a fortnight after the troubled retailer announced that it was firing at least 80 employees.

Tuskys has also been stopped from declaring or paying bonuses, fees or other compensation to its directors.

The retailer has been running on empty shelves in the recent past, with some inside sources suggesting that the executive of the retailer are staging the downfall with the intention of opening new businesses.

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