TV47 MD Eugene Anangwe Resigns, Cites Personal Reasons

Eugene Anangwe. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

TV47 managing director Eugene Anangwe has resigned from the youngest national TV in Kenya.

In a tweet, Anangwe cited personal reasons for resigning from the station which has been on the rise in the recent past, giving established media houses a run for their money.

“Goodbyes! Not so many people if not everyone wish for moments to say them; certainly me included! But these things are inevitable & I have come to that point myself- where I say goodbye to my team at @tv47ke. I resigned due to personal reasons & I remain proud of my work,” he wrote.

The station was founded by Mt Kenya University founder Simon Gicharu,and was launched on June 15, 2019.

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Anangwe previously worked for Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA) and CNBC before he joined TV47 “to tell untold stories”.

“I took a chance with this baby. I call it my baby because I, we, gave it life…Setting up TV47 from scratch was definitely a new challenge and I am happy that I had all of you to help me in building the brand that TV47 is today. My plea to all of you is to never let this ship sink. Make it sail on for generations that will come after you so that they can also have a place to practice great journalism and tell the untold stories, ” he said.

The station poached talent from the mainstream media including KTN News reporter Abubakar Abdullahi who was placed in charge of TV47 newsroom.

Venessa Ndavi, Lucy Riley and Clifford Omwega were also poached from KTN to join the young station.

In line with its slogan, TV47 prides itself at the home of untold stories that focuses on live coverage of the 47 Kenyan counties with an angle on youth-centric content.

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