Understanding Round-up, New Kenyan Platform Utilising Cryptocurrency For Online Shopping

Round-up is an online service and product delivery platform.

As the World continues with the race for globalisation and technology, with more and more products shifting from physical addresses to online shopping, Kenya has also been making huge strides in the march for cutting-edge technology and business adeptness.

Kenya has been ranked severally as one of the highest ranking Countries in Africa as far as Internet reach and online interaction is concerned.

We caught up with self-styled investor, hedge fund pioneer and cryptocurrency mogul Joe Kariuki to understand more on the new techie revolution in town.

Q: What is Round-Up in a nutshell?

Joe: Well, 51 Capital, the parent company of one of Kenya’s premier bitcoin companies Pessacoin, has now launched a revolutionary idea called Round-Up geared towards online service and product delivery.

Q: So, it’s basically a delivery app?

Joe: Yes, Round-Up is a platform that intends to connect consumers and Round-Up accredited vendors to supply agricultural produce, foodstuffs and other products for human consumption, much like other apps dedicated to the delivery of products. But ours is much different and high-tech.

Q: How different is the app from other normal platforms?

Joe: Unlike other platforms, Round-Up will utilise cryptocurrency (Pessacoin) as the main mode of payment and all products on the platform will be priced based on Pessacoin tokens. You know, Drivers and riders have, over time, been exploited and misused, so, the platform will only act as a link between riders/drivers and the consumers and the drivers/riders will also be able to earn full delivery charges. That’s an idea that has yet to be tapped into.

Q: So, will you operate normally like other apps? Cashing in on delivery fees and all?

Joe : Absolutely NOT. Actually, to enhance delivery security, the platform will offer two-factor authentication whereby delivery will only be acknowledged when the customers have received their products. 51 Capital will absolutely not at any point charge commission from the delivery amount. Not at all.

Q: What else should clients be looking out for?

Joe: Actually, Round-Up will offer branding and packaging for all the goods ordered through the platform and all the goods will be checked to ascertain the quality and standard. Also, after inception, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays will be “Student Days” and all students will get 20% off on all our products when they do their shopping through the Round-Up application.

Q: So, must a customer have a Round-Up wallet to do business with you?

Joe: Actually no. And that is the best part about us. A customer can very easily do business with Round-Up even without them having to have a wallet with Round-Up or even being on our platform. It’s easy, there are payment options, like card or MPESA. And if you wish to pay via MPESA, the cash will immediately be converted to Pessacoin tokens. Let’s say you bought goods worth Ksh1000, during payments, our platform will simply do the conversion for you and the vendor, who must be on the Round-Up platform, will be paid around 10 Pessacoin tokens, and so on and so forth. So basically anyone can do business via Round-Up and pay in whichever mode of payment they wish.

Q: Wow, sounds revolutionary, anything more?

Joe: Yes, Yes…. Round-Up actually also goes a step further – it offers you an opportunity to effectively track your daily expenses. All you need to do is just shop, take a picture of the receipt and store it in your BOXUP which is the ultimate wallet to store your Round-Up vouchers, coupons and rewards. It’s like the normal loyalty cards, now, with this, you get to earn points as we keep track of your engagement with Round-Up. There are offers and freebies too that, with BOXUP, you can even forward them to friends who will easily pick it up without hassle. Of course, the more you shop with us, the fatter your BOXUP account and the more offers, freebies and discounts you get.

Jump on the Round-Up platform today and change the way you’ve always shopped. Its simple, effective, fast and safe.

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