2 Arrested As Fight Against Piracy Escalates In Nairobi, Kiambu


The Kenya Copyright Board (Kecobo) in conjunction with the police have arrested two suspects in connection with piracy in Nairobi and Kiambu.

This comes after Kecobo together with the police busted Kozi TV and Wavelink Network for allegedly infringing on premium content to thousands of subscribers.

As a result, a large amount of equipment including computers, and phones were seized and have been forwarded to Police Cybercrime Unit for further processing.

As a result of these actions, approximately 6,000 customers are no longer able to view the premiere content that was infringing on rights.

These actions were aimed at curbing the illegal provision of infringing premiere content to thousands of subscribers. Content infringement has a negative impact in the creative industry and the larger economy.

Partners Against Piracy (PAP) Association of Kenya has lauded Kecobo for the successful sting operation against the two major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nairobi and Kiambu counties.

“These operations emphasize efforts by Partners Against Piracy on Infringement on copyright content. By providing unauthorized access to premiere content, these ISPs have not only violated intellectual property rights but have also undercut legitimate businesses that rely on revenue from legal distribution channels,” PAP said in a statement.

“Copyright infringement by Kozi TV and Wavelink Network undermines the development of a healthy digital market, drives away investment and diminishes the growth prospects of technology and entertainment sectors.”

According to PAP, the alleged actions of Kozi TV and Wavelink Network have had a detrimental effect on the Kenyan economy as well and undermine the development of a healthy digital market, driving away investment and diminishing the growth prospects of the technology and entertainment sectors.

“Beyond the immediate economic consequences, these events highlight a troubling trend in the proliferation of cybercrime within Kenya. The illegal actions of these ISPs undermine the legal framework, social trust, and can lead to a general perception of lawlessness within the digital space,” PAP added.

“The actions taken today are a firm step towards upholding the integrity of the creative industry, the economic prosperity of Kenya, and the rule of law within our digital borders. Further measures will be pursued to ensure that all players within the digital ecosystem operate within the bounds of the law.”

The Kenya Police and Kecobo have expressed their unwavering commitment to continue to stamp out all forms of copyright infringements in Kenya.

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