Why Artificial Intelligence Is A Basic ‘Need’ In Your Smartphone


Artificial intelligence (AI) is now an everyday reality in our lives. To put it simply artificial intelligence (AI), is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals.

In our case our Nokia Android smartphones intuitively learns how our consumers are using their phones and then adapts accordingly to provide a greater user experience

Thanks to Artificial intelligence smartphones can now do more than ever before, becoming your able assistant.

According to Gopher Ogembo, HMD Global Senior Business Manager, East Africa, Artificial Intelligence features are fast becoming fundamental differentiators for smartphone manufacturers.  “We are currently witnessing a shift where the smartphone market is slowly moving from the sale of sleek hardware to delivering compelling and personalized experiences. Artificial Intelligence is now part of the solution and a key feature to highlight in smartphones.”

All Nokia smartphones run on Android 9 Pie and Android 9 Pie Go on some devices. With software that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and features like Adaptive Battery, App Slices and Adaptive Brightness, they just keep getting better over time.

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Adaptive Battery learns how you use your device and prioritizes battery power for apps and services you care about, minimizing battery consumption, whether in your palm or your pocket.

App Slices, which brings the most relevant bits of your favourite apps to the home screen, making them available in an instant. Your phone learns as you use it to predict what you’re about to do. Connecting your headphones? Your favourite playlist is already cued up.

Adaptive Brightness actively learns how you set brightness and automatically adjusts for power efficiency, saving battery life and a whole lot of fiddling.

The biggest opportunity right now for smartphone manufacturers is enhancement of Artificial Intelligence functionalities making smartphone users have a smoother experience and their phones making various functionalities like weather, ordering goods, scheduling meetings, time prompts to move to your next destination etc. AI is a great benefit to the end user and to the connected world we live in today.

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