Bars, Shops, Companies To Be Closed In Machakos During Census

Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Machakos County government has announced that entertainment joints, shops and companies will be closed for at least a day to ensure smooth run of the census process.

In a statement to newsrooms, Machakos governor Dr Alfred Mutua said that bars and joints that predominantly sell alcohol or engage in entertainment will be closed from 6 am, Saturday, August 24 until 6 pm, Sunday, August 25.

“To enable accurate collection of data during the forthcoming census exercise, I am directing that places of entertainment be closed in Machakos County, to allow families to be together,” said Dr Mutua.

All markets, open air markets, and shops will close by 5pm on Saturday, August 24 and reopen at 9 am, Sunday August 25.

Factories, construction sites and other works have been directed to stop works from midday, August 24 to 6 am, Monday, August 26.

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“These stoppages and closures are to give workers and others enough time to travel to their homes for the census activity. Employers should give their employees time off to travel home for this important national activity. Those who do disregard these set times will incur heavy punitive measures that may include canceling of their business permits, arrests and hefty fines,” warned Dr Mutua.

The governor directed that the order be implemented to the letter through village administrators, ward administrators and the county inspectorate.

He also urged Machakos residents outside the county to travel home during the census, to ensure they are counted in the home county.

“I urge Machakos residents who work and live out of the county to travel home to the county for census so as to be counted at their homes. It is only for a day and this will give them a chance to meet their relatives and also to see for themselves the amazing development we have undertaken in Machakos,” he added.

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