Bloodbath In Gov’t As Hundreds Are Sacked Over Fake Papers

Hundreds Sacked Over Fake Papers
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Hundreds have been sacked at Kenya Railways (KR), Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) for having fake papers.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) revealed that the government agencies top the list of entities that sacked 202 out of 650 staff, who were found to have forged academic documents to secure jobs.

58 other staff who were found to have faked their academic papers opted to resign in the year to June 2023.

KR kicked out 55 staff among them two who purported to be holders of degree certificates, KMTC sacked 35 staff members while Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (Kemsa) sent parking 16 staff.

The Geothermal Development Company sacked 15 employees over forgery of academic papers while the National Construction Authority and Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service each dismissed three staff members.

“Arising from the findings of the authentication exercise, 58 officers resigned, six took early retirement,181 were dismissed from service, 252 had ongoing disciplinary action, and one was deceased,” Mr Simon Rotich, the PSC Chief Executive said in a report to Parliament.

“There was no action taken against four, and there was no information provided with regard to 242 certificates found to have been forged,” Mr Simon Rotich, the PSC Chief Executive said in a report to Parliament.

“Most of the forged certificates reported were from State corporations and Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies at 76.3 per cent, and ministries and State departments at 17.9 per cent,” Mr Rotich added.

According to the PSC, 346 or 63 per cent of the State institutions authenticated the academic certificates of their officers.

The number of officers whose academic certificates were authenticated was 142,188 or 56.1 per cent out of which 67,764 (47.7 per cent) were cleared as valid, 625 (0.4 per cent) were established to be forged and the validity of 37,272 (26.2 per cent) authenticated certificates was not indicated.

Certificates for 111,130 (43.9 per cent) officers had not been authenticated.

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