Content Solutions Marketing Now Offering Social Media Management Services

Parmenas Kisengese, the Lead Marketing Strategist at Content Solutions. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Content Solutions Marketing Agency, a leading digital and content marketing company in Kenya is now offering social media management services.

The company offers to take full responsibility of its clients’ social media pages – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so that the company owners can concentrate on other aspects of the business. The social media management services offered by Content Solutions includes creating engaging posts for all media platforms on a daily basis, responding to inquiries, and creating banners for engagement purposes.

“Lots of business people are leaving money on the table by neglecting the worth of social media. We are giving SMEs and large corporations a chance to create a large customer base from social media platforms,” said Parmenas Kisengese, the Lead Marketing Strategist at Content Solutions.

“We see it every day. Many CEOs and CMOs come in and they want to know how they can make use of the increased number of social media users. And it’s not that these individuals are new to social media. They probably have a social media account but do not have the time or the skill needed to make their presence count as far as creating awareness and converting social media followers and friends into leads. This is why we have decided to create this opportunity. We shall help you turn social media followers into prospects and customers.”

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As Parmenas explains, there are numerous benefits of having a strong social media presence these days. One of them is that you are able to connect with prospective customers, interact with them on a friendly basis and understand their needs. This puts you at a better position to tailor your services and products to address their pain-points. Parmenas explains that it’s much easy to create a large customer base, nowadays, from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, it takes expertise and time to make this possible.

With social media users growing every minute, it has become necessary for every business individual to embrace the worth of social media marketing in their marketing strategy.

“As such, what Content Solutions is doing will help provide a platform for business owners – startups and established companies to add a client or two to their list. After all, everybody is turning to the online route in search for information on different services and products. For more information on this topic, visit Content Solutions,” he adds.

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