Factors to Consider Before Buying Land in Kenya


Before buying land in Kenya, one needs to be cautious lest they lose their money to scammers or to harsh economic times by buying valueless land.

Below are some factors to consider before buying land.

Zoning restrictions
Zoning is a system of land use regulation which designates permitted and “extent of uses” of land in certain areas within certain municipalities. Some of the restrictions could include building height, plot coverage and ratio.
There are three major zoning classifications which include commercial, residential and industrial.
In areas near airports, buildings are restricted to a certain height, to avoid interfering with flight traffic or causing accidents, since at such areas plates fly at a low attitude.

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Zoning affects land value and usage, hence before purchasing a piece of land it is important to understand the prevailing zoning classification and whether it fits your intended use of the land.

Sometimes zoning is determined by soil quality and the available natural resources including water and vegetation.

Prevailing prices

Just like any other market, the real estate industry experiences fluctuation, the reason it is important to compare prevailing prices with the past and future projections. This will help you understand the real value of the land, and the possible rate of growth.

Social amenities
These include schools, shopping destinations, transport means, entertainment, hospitals, recreational joints and playgrounds.

These determine how comfortable, in case of residential property, you will be with your family. For commercial properties, the presence of the aforementioned amenities is an indication of the possible growth of the area, which would determine the success of any business, and also the future value of the property.

Most importantly, it is important to consider security.

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