Forgery Clouds Fred Kubai’s Property Succession Battle As Former Maid Takes Centre-stage


Almost three decades after his death, kin of the late Pan Africanist Fred Kubai are still tussling for his vast estate which reportedly grabbed by the late Kubai’s housemaid.

Shortly after Kubai gave up his ghost in 1996, a case was launched at Milimani Law Courts by Christina Gakuhi- his former maid .

In the case, Ms Gakuhi claimed that she was Mr Kubai’s wife and they had sired two sons together.

Ms Gakuhi applied to be given custody of all property owned by the late Kubai, as per the ‘directions given by Mr Kubai’ in a will dated January 19, 1991, a year after she allegedly got married to Mr Kubai.

After years of litigation, an order was issued in Ms Gakuhi’s favour on December 19, 2013 by High Court Judge W. M. Musyoka, validating the said will.

“I hereby revoke all my former wills and testamentary disposition made by me and by this last will give devise and bequeath all my real and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever to my wife Christina Gakuhi Kubai absolutely and appoint her sole executor of this my will,” reads part of the will.

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The will talked about properties only in Mahi-Mahiu, despite the freedom fighter owning several properties across the country.

However, after instituting criminal proceedings against Ms Gakuhi by aggrieved family members, it was discovered that the will, ID copies and numbers therein were forged.

Part of a forensic report that claims MS Gakuhi forged some documents in the tussle to take over the late Kubai's will.

In a letter from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) forensic department it was confirmed that the will was fake, and not from the late Kubai.

According to a family member who spoke to a local tabloid say the two sons mentioned in the will belonged to Ms Gakuhi’s sister.

Ms Gakuhi has been accused of forging IDs to include Kubai’s name. It has been established that MS Gakuhi did not have kids as previously claimed.

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The DCI in a charge sheet dated October 22, 2014 confirmed that Ms Gakuhi had forged documents in her quest to take over the late Kubai’s estate.

On the aforementioned date, Ms Gakuhi was charged with six counts of forgery which included the IDs and the will.

Par of the charge sheet in which Ms Gakuhi was charged with forgery.

Loaded with the new evidence, the family decided to go back to court to seek justice and see that the initial ruling was overturned. However, it emerged that the family lawyer, Mr John

Khaminwa, had been lying about filing the appeal while he actually did not. This prompted the family to protest in court, forcing one judge, Asenath Ongeri to take up the case.

However, Justice Ongeri dismissed the case on grounds that the family did not file an appeal within the stipulated time. This is despite the fact that Ms Gakuhi, despite winning the case, did not honour summons for confirmation of grant by the court.

Further, he ordered that the two sides file their responses, Ms Gakuhi confirming the grant, while the family rejecting it. Mr Kubai’s family filed their response, while Ms Gakuhi didn’t.

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It is alleged that Mr Khaminwa has even gone to the bank and picked Mr Kubai’s possessions that were left for the family, and has not been appearing in court to defend the family.

“One of the sons indicated as next of kin went to the bank (KCB) but was told that ‘your property is with Mr Khaminwa’. However, Mr Khaminwa says that he has been waiting for conclusion of the case to present the wealth in court,” says one of Mr Kubai’s grandsons

In a bid to rescue himself, Mr Khaminwa is said to have been only securing mention dates for the appeal, without pushing for full hearing. The family now wants the case expedited an concluded so that the wealth and property goes to the rightful owners.

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