Game Pawa To Gift Thousands To Customers On Valentines Day

Game Pawa
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Thousands, if not millions, of Kenyan men and women have planned to spend the day today showing love to their significant others – taking them out on dates, buying them flowers, getting them chocolates, gifts and basically sending then mushy love notes on WhatsApp.

But while others will be locked in the yokes of love, others, especially men, will also be trooping to the Carnivore Grounds for the inaugural (actually physical) Men’s Conference which shall kick off from 2pm as single men gather, share a cold beer and laughter and chart their own way forward.

While it’s going to be a day full of a flurry of mawkish activities, other Kenyans have decided to do it differently – bet their way into millions of shillings.

Today, Game Pawa has decided to go all out and let the cash flow into the pockets of all the enthusiastic betting peeps as a way of showing them love and appreciation.

“Today is the day we’ve dropped the cash bag with some of the heaviest winnings! Unlike others, You don’t have to lose on Valentine’s Day, since we’re here to not only make you win but also make you afford that cozy dinner with your partner,” Game Pawa posted online.

The renowned betting casino, which has seen the lives of Kenyan men and women change dramatically, has also promised something very few (if any) other casinos have – free cash to random players.

“Given your allegiance to us, we’ve decided to reward you as ‘Watu wa Pawa’. Today, we shall be raining money on 50 random players. By close of the day, we shall have send over 50,000 shillings to random players. Each of the 50 people get 1,000 shillings each in their MPESA! It’s the day of love and we’ve got some little love to give out too, ” they added.

Speaking to the media, a Game Pawa spokesperson told men that they didn’t have to sulk and attend sad ‘conferences’ just to massage their egos.

“I want to tell the men – and the women too. You don’t have to sit at a corner, sulking, attending crazy conferences to calm your emotions. Jump online, log on to Game Pawa and fall in love with money!” he said.

To play, all you have to do is login and claim your Valentines Gift at

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