Is it Time for Safaricom to Rethink their Systems’ Team?

A system glitch at Safaricom today saw numerous subscribers rake in free Safaricom bundles, voice call minutes, and messages. The news that “Safaricom Platinum”, an integrated plan that gives customers a personalized bill manager, was undergoing some technical problems, spread swiftly across all social media platforms.

Those who managed to benefit from the error took on to social media to brag.

Celebrated and Free hitmaker wasn’t left behind.

Safaricom was notified of the system error and started working on it immediately. The access to the Platinum Plan has been revoked to allow the company to address the error.

It is still unclear how the telco giant will recover the millions lost in unpaid for voice calls, data bundles and text messages.

However, some people have expressed concerns that the company would deduct the amount from people’s Mpesa accounts.

Such a system error follows a series of other cases of a glitch in the company’s systems affecting different product such as MPesa, Mshwari, and the just launched Fuliza.

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Any key follower of the telecommunications giant would be tempted to ask themselves whether it is time for Safaricom to rethink their systems’ team? 

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