Best Executive Assistants To Be Feted During Africa PA Awards


The Africa PA Awards  is set to happen on the November 22, 2019 at the Intercontinental Hotel to highlight the importance  and future of business support in the growing and success of  brands.

The Awards will focus on how technology plays a leading role in changing how Personal Assistants career path evolve.

Speaking to Joseph Mathenge Chairperson of the African PA awards in Kenya, “Administrative can be the secret weapon for a company’s success. They are the gatekeepers and problem solvers, that keep a company organized, boost morale, and increase productivity”

“Administrates are the voice and face of brands because they offer the first and last impression of their companies to customers and visitors when they greet, direct and assist or interact with them as they depart. ˝ Joseph added.

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According to Research by the Metier recruitment Agency, the role of a PA has always been to provide crucial support to their Manager so that they can solely concentrate on their principle objectives.

A trend we’re starting to see emerge is the increase in demand for PAs to have a deeper understanding of their Manager’s role. This is especially true for industries such as legal and finance, where PAs are often expected to have a sound understanding of jargon, processes, and market trends. In these cases, a Manager might decide to hire a candidate who has a greater industry experience, as opposed to someone who is new to the field.

And hence in Kenya, the awards shine light on the power administrative have in organizations increasing the professions circle of influence for good.

The African PA magazine is a print and digital publication that identifies and promotes improvement of the African administrative. We endeavor to give our readers an insightful glimpse into an ever-changing administrative landscape through diverse coverage and relevant dialogue.

While we do spotlight executive assistants and the measurable successes of the executives they manage, we also emphasize the importance of networks and how success is often achieved with the vital collaboration that goes on behind the scenes.

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