Kitui South MP Rachael Kaki On The Spot As Residents Complain Of Foul-Play In Kitui-Kibwezi Road Compensation Scheme

The residents of Kitui South Constituency are crying foul play in the compensation for their land and property affected by the construction of the Kitui-Kibwezi road.

The residents allege that the compensation process is marred with corruption and the area member of parliament is said to have turned a deaf ear, and a blind eye to what the affected residents are going through.

Interestingly, she is the chairperson of the Parliamentary Lands Committee.

In one case, an old woman from Kavuuni village in Kitoo sublocation was paid Ksh7,000 instead of a supposedly amount of Ksh700, 000 as compensation for her property by SinoHydro, the company in charge of the upgrading of the Kitui-Kibwezi road.

Business Times investigated the matter and discovered that the vice might be a well-orchestrated move by the area MP Rachael Kaki, who is seemingly punishing her political enemies while rewarding her cronies through the project.

It emerges that while some people are being compensated meager amounts, others are reaping big; something that leaves the residents of Kitui South in shock over what valuation criteria is being used.

While the majority of the residents are bitter with the rot experienced in the compensation process, residents allied to area member of parliament have chosen to remain loyal to the MP but this hasn’t gone without criticism.

This has led to the formation of two political Whatsapp groups, after elites who criticized the MP were removed from the MP’s group by one lady only identified as Damaris.


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In an effort to prove the claims, we managed to get some screenshots from one of the groups below.

Disgruntled citizens who have tried to reach the MP are ignored, including the media. “She leaves all Whatsapp groups where such matters are addressed, and unless you are known to her you cannot see her, physically,” says a resident, who sought anonymity.

The MP also uses the services of a prison officer, Patrick Safari, who claims to be untouchable and even threatens the people who try to criticize the MP who was elected on a Jubilee ticket for the second time in 2017.


Here are some screenshot of how Safari has been bragging to be untouchable, courtesy of the MP. In one instance he went to an extend of brandishing a gun in a Whatsapp group. He later deleted the video.





In the tweet below, Safari, who is a government officer is seen meddling in matters politics. Locally, residents term Safari as the MP’s mouthpiece, telling off any person criticising Hon Kaki.






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